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Les Cole

DJ Devine

Ernest Fountain was conceived by veteran New Jersey DJ Les Jeudy as a tribute to his good friend, the original KLUBNUT Donovan Domville, aka DJ Devine. Les wanted to create a web presence for DJ Devine to showcase his talents and build his name. Les partnered with his neighbor Traci Moore to develop and design the site, while inviting Devine's cousin Les Cole and friend Ernest Fountain to be a part of his vision. launched in late 2003, with a resident DJ line-up that included DJ Devine, Les and Ernest, along with David Barber and Frank Mack, both of whom Traci invited to be a part of the movement. Throughout the years, was blessed with DJs that contributed their time and talents to the site as residents, including Tee Mallory, Thomas Zimmerman aka DJ Pookey, Kev Foushee and Joey Mazza. Countless DJs from all over the US and internationally made a great impact to the site by submitting their mixes, which without a doubt contributed to the popularity and success of the site. Additionally, there were team members that helped promote the site and events, including Urbi Malone and Nate Johnson. The time and efforts that all who were mentioned put into throughout the years has had a lasting impact on the site and inspired its longevity. looks forward to continuing to feature the best dance music mix shows on the world wide web and bringing them to the masses.


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